Sunday, 14 November 2010

Faux Suede Flower

I am posting this because I want to pass the info. of the technique over to Helen at
It's All Fiddle Fart  I will add the link to my comment on her blog.
Helen has made a beautiful poppy card for her mum, she then goes onto say

If there was a crafting tool I would like to buy that I don’t think has been invented yet, it would be a “crumpler” – I love the crumpled look, but I’m not sure how to do it properly, I end up screwing things up into a ball over and over again but often risk the paper getting torn ….. come on Tim Holtz invent something for me – I am a damsel who needs to distress!

Anyway, on we go

 A dear crafty friend, Kath really is such a talented crafter and a very kind and generous lady too, used this tutorial to make her beautiful carnations. The tutorial shows you also how to achieve a faux suede effect. Ruffled Carnation Tutorial
I used the technique to make this

I used Bazzill Basics card - I have so far found it the best for ease of
seperating the layers of card as shown in the tutorial

Helen mentions the risk of tearing when screwing the paper/card into a ball, IMHO if this happens, especially so
with the 'faux suede effect' on seperating the layers, it, for me, adds a little more interest to the finished item.

On this flower I added ink to the 'faux suede' layers of the flower to added interest

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