Sunday, 21 November 2010

Chocs. Away !

I was inspired by Rachel's lovely make of her 'seasonal' box that I just had to have a go myself.
Here is another one of Rachel's fab. 'seasonal' boxes Another 'Seasonal' Box

The most difficult part has been sourcing the chocolates! I finally came across them in my local pound shop. There are 2 'trays' of chocolates in each box.  In theory (if you don't succumb to sampling the second tray) you can make 2 gifts (excl. the materials etc. for the box) for  a mere 50p each.

Comes supplied with 2 'trays' of chocolates

Here is my finished box.

Once I worked out the dimensions of the box it was very quick to make. I used my Cricut to cut a snowflake, added some Brilliance inks and then sprinkled with glamour dust. To package up I will finish off with a tag and tie round some sheer blue ribbon. 
I need to write the dimensions down as a reminder - I worked it all out then forgot to jot it down for when I make more boxes. Brain like a sieve you know!
Thank you Rachel for all your help and Inspiration :-)

List of Supplies

Bazill Basics Card
Scor - Pal
Cricut 'Simply George Cart'
Brilliance Ink
Krylon Pen
Glamour Dust
And Not Forgetting .. Chocolates


  1. Well Done Carole! :-)

    It's lovely to see someone using my inspiration :-)

    I managed to make a template so that I can make more whenever :-) Can you tell I've made the mistake of not jotting down dimensions before!! LOL

  2. Thank you :-) A Template - such a good idea Rachel :-) I have forgotten to jot down the dimensions also!
    Carole x


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