Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Project of days gone by - Candle Tissue Transfer

A fellow crafter and follower of my humble blog has been showing us her beautiful work with the
Candle Tissue Transfer Technique and then Rachel produces another gorgeous offering, again using the Candle Tissue Transfer Technique so love how she has embellished the candle, Love the RS transfer too.
Seeing Rachel's beautiful offerings reminded me that I had once had a go with the Candle Transfer Technique - that was back in Dec. 2008!!! I made it for a dear friend who so loves been surrounded with candles. I even made a gift box following a magazine tutorial - I so did struggle making the box - not sure if I would endeavour making one again - maybe more practice needed - it was the attaching of the acetate that proved to be the stumbling block - couldn't get it to sit square on the bottom and lid. I came across some pretty 'dangly' pearl beady bits - I seem to remember I took apart a broken necklace and squirrled it away in readiness for a project - I attached them to the lid for extra 'elegance'
I used just one stamp for the stamp/lid from a set by Basic Grey. After seeing Rachels fab. offerings I will again try to make time to have a go again with the tissue transfer technique - I have some tissue already squirrled away. I remember recently reading a tutorial about the candle tissue transfer and the author suggests that the tissue is ironed before stamping and then proceeding to attaching to candle etc. as it makes a much neater finish .. not sure how I feel about that, I certainly didn't iron the tissue for this project as I decided I quite liked the 'wrinkled' finish - for me it added more interest - but I guess it is an individual decision as to iron or not to iron - but must admit the tutorial suggesting 'ironed' tissue, her finished candle did look stunning and very professional too in its finish. When I get round to having a go again with this fab. technique I will blog the results. Apologies about the pic. it was in the days of my 1st digital camera of which was very basic - no settings etc. just basic press and hope for the best type digital camera.

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