Saturday, 8 January 2011

Camera Club - Scrapbook Class

I belong to my local tenants Assoc. camera club. I am very much enjoying been with such nice,  friendly and talented people. I have learnt so much and so much more enjoy my camera, one of the members kindly set up my camera which made such a difference. We had a busy time last yr. fund raising, producing a DVD of photographs of our village, producing CD clocks using members photos and making bespoke clocks using the clients own photographs, also we made lots of greetings cards using members photos. We have even done a wedding, the clients got to hear of our club and asked if we would do their wedding pics. 2 of our talented members went to do the wedding and by all accounts it was a success and the couple were very happy with their photos/DVD.
We had our first meeting of the yr. today January 7th, and I was asked just before Christmas if I would like to do a scrapbooking class. I was indeed very nervous but was very much looking forward to introduciing scrapbooking to the members. There was 9 of us at todays class. A dear lady called Sue .. a fellow crafter and a total angel indeed .. lent me her notes/12x12 scrapbook page template. I created the 12x12 template from the original template Doc. Sue kindly sent over so members had something 'tangiable' to follow

I took along some books, mainly about creating 'mini books' a few scrapbooking mags. some finished work along also, one being my circle journal. Camera Club members took a lot of inspiration from this. I started with a brief talk using Sue's notes and then showed members the template and then it was 'off' they were a very keen bunch and not at all phased, even though none of the members had never really scrapbooked before. It was so amazing on seeing the finished pages. Members took on their own take of the original template - some ooozing with such confidence - it was truly lovely to see. One particular lady picked up a scallop punch, not having ever seen one before so was curious as to how it worked - I showed her and wow .. she just experimented and created the most beautiful church - you will see the scallops in the roof and on the opening of the other church - sheer genius! This same lady bought some Chrsitmas cards she wanted to 'scrap' as it was relavant to her theme of her 1st Christmas in her new flat.
Sheer genis .. Pauline created the beautiful churches using
scissors and the SU scalloped punch

I had the most lovely text from a member saying thankyou for the class and how it had opened up forgotten memories of her mother and her scrapbooking. How lovely is that. I have been asked if I would like to deliver another class - It really was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.
This was our only chap, the other gentleman was off poorly. This chap so enjoyed his time scrapbooking, he said he was amazed at how much engrossed he got with it all and intends on carrying on doing more scrapbooking at home .. as I said, it was just a lovely afternoon with such lovely people who embraced and just got on and did their own thing ..

Here is a small sample of the work produced and one of the the members 'creating' their pages.

Inspiration for this page was drawn from the circle journal.
The creator of this wonderful page sent this lovely thank you
 "Thank you so much for a delightful afternoon, it was a glorious 2 hours of escapism. I woke up very early this morning with lots of ideas running around my head of titles and how I could scrap book them.We really must do it again.Thank you Valerie"

I was truly thrilled to receive such a nice Thank you, especially knowing that the lady concerned
cares for her elderly mother, hearing that she was able to escape in such a nice way was truly wonderful to hear.

I so loved the story behind this chaps page, he has so cleverly
placed the main 'feature' photo in the centre, Barry said the page
was all about him and his wifes Christmas Day together.

Gosh, how soon the crafty goodies take over the whole table!

The story behind this page is that the lady who
created it was telling her story of her Christmas
with her 'adopted' Granddaughter as her own Granddaughter and family live all
the way over in Cyprus so was unable to be with them. This was the same lady that  texted me to
say 'thank you' for the class and how it had opened up forgtten memories of her Mother's scrapbooking.
How lovely is that.


  1. Theres nothing better than to get together and craft - and they all look fab !

  2. Well done Carole, they look absolutely fab and the class was obviously enjoyed:)


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