Monday, 25 October 2010

Camera Club Cards

Not much skill in constructing the cards but thought I would show you what I have been making on behalf of the camera club I belong to, to  help raise funds. I have made around 80 or so cards - made over the past few days. I finally finished last night, in readiness for a camera club meet today to package up and label etc. We have a sale in our local church in November. I have just learnt how to emboss onto card using nesties so thought would use on the cards to accenuate the pictures a little more. The photos are taken by a number of camera club members. Mine are the

Passion Flower

I am hoping to get time to make some 'notelets' also to sell. We have produced a DVD of our pictures taken since the club started this yr. it is pictures of a 'tour' of our village. We have already sold a good number, we will also have them to sell on our stall, as well as some fabulous CD clocks, photographs are printed onto CDs they are truly wonderful and selling very well also. We owe many thanks to our club organizer and her DH for all their hard work with the tech side of all that went into producing the DVD and the making of the clocks. We are raising money in the hope we can produce a calender next yr. of pics. of our village taken by camera club members.

 My favourite has to be the likkle mushrooms, love the detail. Sorry for the dark pic. IRL it is bright and totally stunning. The person who took the pic. said she placed a background using black card before taking the pic. It really works well and the detail is fabulous! Well done Val :-) The mushrooms were found in her mum's garden.
It has been great fun going round getting the pictures. Thankfully I havn't had the task of resizing/printing etc. I am indeed very pleased with how the embossing has set off the pics. so well. The great thing about doing pics. on cards is that the pictures speak for themselves, so very little needs doing, can can suit many occasions. All the cards have been left 'blank' and labeled as such.

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