Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My 50th B'day Gift by a truly talented artist :-)

I recently reached a milestone as in I turned 50!!! I have been told 50 is the new 40 - so it should mean my life now begins ;-) I was a very lucky lady in that my youngest DD commissioned two paintings of which the subject came to be of a couple of my photographs taken recently. My youngest DD came home this evening and pointed me in the direction of the website of the artist who created my beautiful paintings

I was blown away in seeing his work and then totally surprised to find that the artist has done a 'production' of the 2 paintings on 'You Tube'
Here is the artists website

The Tree

It has not only just been lovely seeing his work develop but lovely putting a face to the name.

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  1. Followed the link you left on facebook. Was interetsing to see it all come together. Must've been really exciting for you to watch your photos being tranferred to canvas.

    Max's Craft Creations
    Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT


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